Dog Fighting is a cruel and abusive act that is ongoing every day. It is hard for many to understand how some people can force dogs to fight one another, often to a brutal end. However, the primary goal for dog fighting is monetary gain. Those engaged in the “activity,” people responsible for the fights, and the spectators have no regard for the health and well-being of the animals involved. One of the largest dog fighting rings to go down in history was discovered in Missouri after a longtime investigation.

The undercover investigation involved several government officials

Dog fighting is an illegal act in most places nationwide, but it doesn’t stop the cruel act from happening. Authorities were alerted about a large ring for fighting dogs that seemed to span over several states around the Missouri area, going undercover to get the details. The full investigation involved the coordination of local, state, and federal officials. The hard work of so many professional people finally came to light recently when more than 400 dogs were rescued and saved from the life of dog fighting. In addition to the rescue efforts, several people responsible for the dog fighting ring were arrested. The investigation is ongoing.

The outcome for the rescued dogs in the dog fighting ring

The scene at the dog fighting facilities was so horrifying and gruesome and can be seen in a video on Relay Hero. Be aware that it can be painful to watch. The animals were raised and bred to fight, confined with large heavy chains, emaciated and have signs of abuse from the people responsible and a result of past dog matches.

Many of the horrible people responsible for the cruelty are being held accountable, but so many of the dogs paid the ultimate price. However, about sixty percent of the victims were restored to good health. After being thoroughly examined and tested on a social level through rehabilitation, they will then be available for adoption.

Thanks to the yearlong efforts of several undercover officials with a kind heart, these dogs will have a chance at a better life. Although there are many sick people in our world and our society, there are also those who are good, kind and amazing, who have the health and well-being of animals in mind.