The battle for the Chief Ministers post between Pannerselvam and V Sasikala in the Indian state of tamil nadu is getting uglier day by day.

The new chief of AIADMK, VK Sasikala on 9 February 2016, drove to the Governor’s house to stake the claim for the CM post. She claimed to have the support of most of the legislators and was accompanied by ten senior ministers.

Earlier the outgoing chief minister also met the governor for about fifteen minutes, and he handed over a petition in which he explained that his resignation was taken under duress.

Pannerselvam vs Sasikala

Mr. Pannerselvam also claimed to have the support of the majority of the members. News filtering out of the Governor’s house said that 10 AIADMK members accompanied Panneerselvam and it also included the second highest ranking member, E Madhusudhan.

The battle line between AIADMK chief VK Sasikala and the outgoing Chief Minister O Panneerselvam has been clearly drawn; one cannot but see stark similarities with the political scene post the demise of MGR.

When MGR finally fell from his perch, a power struggle ensued between his wife and his disciple, J Jayalalitha.

However, it needs to be seen if O Panneerselvam will be able to carry out the coup d'état- de-tat much akin to his madam.

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Confusion continues with MLA's

Meanwhile, the party spokesman K Pandiarajan said that the party would stand solidly behind Ms. Sasikala and also refuted the news that members are being held captive against their will.

The revolt by the caretaker chief minister O Paneerselvam has sent the AIADMK general secretary into a crisis mode and is pulling off all the stops to keep the party from disintegration.

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Meanwhile, the DMK party and its allies are doing the waiting game and the center calmly watching the unfolding drama and waiting for the opportune moment to strike a deal.

Chinamma’s problem does not end here. The Supreme Court is due to pronounce judgment on whether Ms. Sasikala and Ms. Jayalalitha are guilty in a corruption case dating back to the 90’s. The TN Governor has sought legal advice to keep the Assembly in limbo till the verdict is delivered.