Over the last week, the biggest political story to dominate the new cycle has been what the future will hold for the "Muslim ban" executive order signed into law by President Donald Trump. After an appeals court continued to block the ban, the president wasn't too happy about it.

Trump on Twitter

After just a week in the White House, Donald Trump signed the aforementioned "Muslim ban," which restricted travel to seven countries in the Middle East. Within hours, airports around the country started detaining people from the countries on the ban list, which prompted massive protests, most notably at Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Since then, lawsuits have been filed and over the weekend, a federal judge blocked the order. On Thursday night, after the Trump administration appealed the judge's block, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the president, leading to another Twitter tirade on February 10.

"LAWFARE: 'Remarkably, in the entire opinion, the panel did not bother even to cite this (the) statute,'" Donald Trump wrote on Twitter early Friday morning, before adding, "A disgraceful decision!" Trump's tweet comes after his initial reaction from Thursday night where he announced "SEE YOU IN COURT." The plan moving forward for the Trump team is to appeal the decision all the way up to the Supreme Court.

With a seat vacant and Trump's SCOTUS nominee to fill the spot, Neil Gorsuch, unlikely to be confirmed anytime soon, it's expected that the eight justices could fall in party line with a 4-4 split.

Trump on the Times

Just minutes after his tweet about the court case, Donald Trump then turned his attention to one of his favorite media targets; The New York Times.

After the paper wrote that the president hadn't spoke to the head of China since November, Trump lashed out on Twitter, once again referring to The New York Times as "fake news." "The failing @nytimes does major FAKE NEWS China story saying 'Mr.Xi has not spoken to Mr. Trump since Nov.14,'" Trump tweeted, while noting, "We spoke at length yesterday!"

Trump's feud with the press is at an all-time high, as tensions continue to rise with each passing day. After being in the White House for three weeks, it appears that it will be a long first term for the commander in chief, especially concerning his relationship with the media.