So many dogs are either purchased or adopted annually, and the hope is that the animals are going to good, loving homes. That is not always the case. Many of these dogs are deprived of the love and care they deserve. Often, they are left chained outdoors or strictly confined to a yard without shelter. This is a crucial issue that is incredibly overlooked, but several celebrities are now taking a stand.

PETA raises awareness about outdoor dog issues

Several celebrity animal activists vow to be a voice for animals that are the lonely, sad outdoor dogs, left without any of the attention and recognition they so richly deserve.

PETA released a recent video on the site that highlights the huge problem many dogs face, feeling alone and abandoned without any interaction with their owners. The video is meant to urge people to see things through their eyes, lonely, frightened, and cold (or hot) from the elements. The film is a clear reminder that dogs are not lawn ornaments, but part of the family. As a family member, they should be in the home and the owner's hearts, not secluded outside.

Celebrities raise their voices to protect outdoor dogs

Several celebrities within the PETA video speak out in support of dogs who spend their lives entirely chained up and confined to the great outdoors. The film depicts neglected dogs that are kept out in the elements to battle extreme weather conditions without any shelter or form of protection.

Casey Affleck, Tom Hardy, rapper D.R.A.M., Bill Maher, Priyanka Chopra, Courtney Stodden, and Edie Falco raise their voices in support of these forgotten canines seen in the video in deplorable conditions. Some of the animals are trembling from the cold or out of fear, while others can be seen with open wounds and injuries.

When looking at the horrifying images, Affleck queried whether the owners knew they wanted to chain up the dogs outdoors in cold and snow. Did they also know the dog would have to fend for itself, even in a downpour, without shelter, and that the owners would never even love, touch, or pet the dog?

Chopra added comments that highlighted the dog’s suffering, pain, and discomfort. All the celebrities made similar comments, with footage that asks the question to all prospective pet owners: why adopt a dog if you are not going to treat it like family, but instead toss it in a yard like an old ornament to place and forget?

Most of the celebrities in the video work with PETA and hope that this film will speak volumes to people that they should treat their dogs like family and never as an outdoor dog, to be hungry, cold, and alone.