The Golden Retriever is such a sweet, laid back breed of dog, healthy and always happy. They make loyal family companions and love to be close their humans. The breed gets its name due to its ability to retrieve game without harm. The Golden has a beautiful, long, dense coat that provides them warmth while also repelling water. Jacob was a handsome specimen with the best demeanor. Yet, tragedy struck when he traveled with his owner Kathleen Considine from Detroit to Portland on United Airlines.

Golden Retriever dies on United Airlines flight

Ms. Considine was traveling with her very best friend, Jacob, her seven-year-old Golden Retriever from Detroit to Portland.

Before the trip, Jacob received a clean bill of health after undergoing a mandatory physical. However, after two flights, an extensive but unexpected layover and a three-hour drive to Bend, the animal was not breathing. The dog was supposed to have a one-hour layover in Chicago but ended up in a kennel for more than 20 hours without food or water. When Jacob finally reached Portland, he was non-responsive and disoriented. His owner stated that he was not the same dog she left before the United Airlines flight. He was then rushed to an emergency vet and pronounced dead after eight minutes of CPR. The cause of death was a flipped stomach due to the stress of the 20-hour ordeal that eventually suffocated his organs.

United Airlines claims no responsibility for dog’s death

Kathleen created a post on her Facebook page, urging everyone to spread the word that airline travel is unsafe for Dogs. She states that United Airlines treated her dog like baggage instead of the loyal and loving family member. News reporters from KGW TV in Portland reached out to United for their comments on the incident without any response.

In her post, Ms. Considine claims that the airline was unresponsive and assumed no responsibility for the death of her precious pet, Jacob while in their care. She continued to say that nothing would bring him back but wanted to spread the word to ensure this does not happen to anyone else.