During the now infamous press conference with Donald Trump on Thursday, the president got into an uncomfortable exchange with a female African-American reporter over the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). The incident made its way to the cable news, which only increased the tension.


President Donald Trump called on reporter April Ryan during his White House press conference, as she then proceeded to ask about his plans for the African-American community and the inner cities. When the issue of the Congressional Black Caucus was brought up, Trump asked Ryan if they were "friends of yours," which many assumed he asked because she was African-American.

While Trump said he would be happy to meet with the CBC, the group quickly hit back at the billionaire real estate mogul. On their offical Twitter account, the CBC called out the president by showing a letter that was sent to his office about setting up a meeting, which has since been ignored by Trump. As seen during a February 16 segment on CNN, the issue was debated in a heated segment.

Joining CNN host Anderson Cooper were guests Jeffrey Lord and and Cornell Brooks. "I used to think the Congressional Black Caucus, when it was first formed, was a good thing," Lord said, while pointing out, "I changed my mind on this." "Heaven forbid if David Duke got elected and wanted to form a congressional white caucus, that would just be appalling," Lord added, while stating, "it's got to stop." Lord's comments about Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, raised eyebrows and led to instant backlash from Brooks.

"It's completely preposterous to compare the Klan to the Congressional Black Caucus," Brooks said in response, Jeffery Lord attempted to defend himself by saying he was just "comparing dividing by race." Brooks hit back, explaining that it was a "matter of affirming racial justice issues." Not stopping there, Brook said to Lord, "You should apologize for even putting the Klan and the Congressional Black Caucus in the same sentence." Lord was not happy with the comment, responding back "No!

No! No!," and saying, "Don't go there."

Next up

As the Donald Trump administration continues, it's likely that the president will create more drama by the day. With the 24-hour news cycle focused on the former host of "The Apprentice," exchanges like what occurred between Lord and Brooks will be routine on cable news.