The golden retriever is one of the sweetest companion family dogs with a larger-than-life heart. They also have an unmeasurable joy for life. They are not known for barking a lot, rarely bite, and would prefer to lick your hand or snuggle in your lap, despite their large size. Any owner of this amazing dog will tell you that their pet thinks it is human rather than canine, like Louboutina from Chelsea, New York. In such a hectic environment throughout the state, Loubie (as she is known for short) can warm even the saddest of hearts.

Meet Louboutina, the celebrity Golden Retriever

Louboutina the Retriever was named after a French shoe designer, although her owner, 45-year-old Cesar Fernandez-Chavez often calls her by her nickname, Loubie. She indeed feels that everyone she meets is her friend, human, and animal alike. Like the typical Golden Retriever, she is brilliant, obedient and loves to snuggle and lick your face. Loubie craves human companionship and is known as the dog that loves to hug. In fact, Louboutina has her own page on Instagram and has made a name for herself as the dog that hugs!

How Louboutina became famous in New York

Anyone who has a Golden Retriever knows how they crave human attention and affection, gladly reciprocating.

Not only do these dogs get along well with humans but are very social, getting along well with other animals. Loubie is no exception, and her sign of affection towards people began when she was just six months old. When Cesar first brought Louboutina into his home, he would hug her often. It was a special bonding time between owner and dog.

Additionally, when the two would sit together, the dog would grab his hand as if to hold hands. She then started hugging, paw over paw.

Now, whenever owner and dog go for regular walks, Louboutina greets everyone she meets with a hug, making days brighter for those she encounters. Fernandez-Chavez made a comment to reporters that going for walks is more of a walk with hugging! A typical daily walk lasts about two hours, stopping to give a hug and offer affection to all who meet this amazing dog.