For all of you rock music fans, Eddie Van Halen is trying to show the world the importance of music and how important it is to children and education.

Studies have shown that children who play instruments actually before better in school, have higher IQs and will be less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol later in life.

With all the severe school budget cuts, music is usually the first to go. Well, Eddie Van Halen wants to change that and so do many other musicians and music lovers around the glove.

"Can you imagine a world without music?" asks the rock star

Van Halen asked CNN "Could you imagine a world without music?". The answer to me is absolutely not and I am sure everyone else can agree. Music makes the world brighter and enhances life. Van Halen also stated, "music has been my whole life... I couldn't imagine anything else".

Van Halen started playing instruments when he was six. At age six, he learned how to play the piano and soon later, joined a band with his brother Alex in fourth grade. Ever since then, music has been his life and career.

Van Halen pairing up with Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation

To ensure that students get the resources to keep music alive, Van Halen has donated 75 of his guitars from his personal collection to a nonprofit organization Mr.

Holland's Opus Foundation. Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation delivers 1,800 instruments every year to low-income schools and provides more than 10,000 children with a beautiful music education.

The hope is to enhance a students education and give them the tools and resources they need to succeed. Music helps build a better community and fosters a different type of learning.

So there you have it folks, if you love the music the way I do and a lot of the world, donate to this spectacular foundation. If you have an old guitar lying around your basement or a flute you played in high school twenty years ago that is hidden in a box somewhere, this is the time to donate and help better education and the lives of many children.