Over the last week, many have wondered why Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway has not been seen on cable news. After making what many believe to have been questionable comments and remarks, Donald Trump has decided to pull the plug.

Conway trouble

Last summer, Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway was hired as the new campaign manager for Donald Trump, replacing the departing Paul Manafort who had alleged financial ties to Russia. In the months that followed, Conway became one of the leading voices for the Trump campaign, making routine stops on cable news and Sunday talk shows.

Trump supporters have supported Conway, but critics have pounced on her every mistake, which have only increased over the last month. In a report by CNN, and later Mediaite, on February 22, Conway is now paying for her errors in judgement.

In the original report by CNN Money, the reason for Donald Trump and the White House banning Kellyanne Conway from on-camera appearances is due to the fact that she has recently made remarks that have been viewed as "at odds" with the offical position of the administration.

According to a source close to CNN, Conway has been "off message," which has conflicted with the goal of the president.

The breaking point was when she claimed retired Gen.

Michael Flynn had offered to resign from his position as National Security Adviser following the growing scandal about his alleged illegal contact with Russian officials. Conway's comments were at odds with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who noted that Donald Trump had personally asked Flynn for his resignation. The source also noted that the White House is pleased with their decision, which has resulted in a "drama-free week." "Having Kellyanne off television is helping them," the source said.

The news comes at a time were others rumors have been circulating, accusing Conway of leaking anti-Sean Spicer stories to the press, though she has denied any wrong doing.

Moving forward

While the ban is not considered permanent, it's unlikely that Kellyanne Conway will be returning to an on-camera role at any point in the near future. After just a month in office, Donald Trump has faced massive backlash, and appears to be doing whatever he can to limit the damage as time moves on.