It is hard to say from the first episode who the new Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, is going to take home. This season is huge in that Rachel is the first African-American Bachelorette and is also the oldest Bachelorette to ever be picked. Rachel is a 33-year-old attorney from Dallas, Texas. She is the whole package -- beauty, brains, and an A+ personality. No wonder she got such great contestants this season (besides Lucas) compared to Nick's contestants last season.

This Bachelorette season, it is safe to guess who the top four candidates are going to be.

There are really only around six guys this season that seem to stand out and be class acts.

Top four men from the first episode

The first man to discuss is Josiah. He honestly seems like the perfect man for Rachel. He has an incredible career as an attorney and came from a very difficult upbringing, making him humble, loving, and strong. Sparks were witnessed even when Josiah first met Rachel after walking out of the limo. Josiah pulled some slick lawyer jargon that made her laugh as he walked into the house. Josiah definitely has the brains and looks to steal Rachel's heart.

Next up, Bryan. He is a chiropractic physician and is 37. Bryan was Rachel's first kiss and they made out twice during the episode.

Rachel seemed to be super into him. Not sure what was better -- his looks, or when he spoke fluent Spanish to her. But, it is safe to say that Bryan is one hot tamale. The only question is: Could he be a little too much too soon? It is hard to tell, considering that Bryan got the first impression rose, so clearly, Rachel was swept off her feet.

Diggy and Peter revealed

The third important contestant is Diggy. He is great and very stylish. He really pulls off the sophisticated and intelligent with glasses look. Diggy is 31 years old and from Chicago. Hopefully Diggy and Rachel will start to progress and develop their relationship as the season goes on. Diggy sure is a Mid-Western catch!

Now, last but not least, Peter. Peter also had another memorable get-up and is a major looker. Peter is from Wisconsin and made it very clear to Rachel that she will have much more luck with this Wisconsin boy, unlike her relationship with Nick. It will be interesting to see how Rachel and Peter play out. Jimmy Kimmel has predicted that Peter is the boy that Rachel will end up with.

There you have it. We just have to patiently wait as the season unfolds to see who the lucky man will be to steal Rachel Lindsay's heart.