Corinne has developed a major reputation on "The Bachelor" for using her sexuality to get what she wants and not letting anybody or any inhibitions slow her down. Turns out, she may have some experience in front of the camera in her past which has allowed her to manipulate viewers in the way she has. Let's take a look at a music video rapper 2 Chainz starred in back in 2011.

The music video

The music video, called "Zip & A Double Cup," arrived in 2011, before 2 Chainz was a big name solo rapper. The song also included rappers Juicy J and Tha Joker and seemed to follow some typical rap video tropes, involving half-naked girls, drugs, and drinks (which is what the title of the song refers to).

One who watches "The Bachelor" may suspect where Corinne fits into this, but they would be wrong.

In the music video, which is a bit jumpy in its cinematography, 2 Chainz appears to be serenading one of the only white people in the whole scene about 1:55 into the song. That's Corinne. Instead of being overtly sexual like she is on "The Bachelor," she appears to be under the influence of something, barely moving her eyes or her body. She could even be asleep, although the subject matter of the song suggests otherwise.


From the episodes of "The Bachelor" that have been aired so far, it's clear Corinne is usually the life of the party, or at least the one who insists the party continue for just a bit too long.

She should be the one getting wild in a 2 Chainz music video, not sitting on the sideline and watching the action unfold in front of her. Then again, there was a significant portion of a recent episode dedicated to her napping habits after she missed a rose ceremony to take a snooze.

Going forward, the question becomes: which Corinne will we see on "The Bachelor"?

The one who sleeps through opportunities to make a good impression on Nick, or the one who does everything in her power to always be in his face? Also, the show has already featured the Backstreet Boys and Chris Lane -- getting 2 Chainz or Juicy J on the show should be a cinch.