Since the launch of the Overwatch Anniversary Event, there have been mixed reactions towards loot boxes. As with any holiday event, players have three weeks to try to get as many loot boxes with new items as they can. Perhaps the most coveted prizes of all, are the 11 Legendary skins which are up for grabs. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time to grind for loot boxes. Even if a person were to spend all day long in front of their computer, it’s not guaranteed that they would be able to collect all the newest items. Realistically, you would need to put in real money in order to even have shot at acquiring all the Legendary skins.

Loot box odds are worse than usual

To make matters worse, it seems that Blizzard has also upped the odds with this particular event. One gamer even documented his experience by buying 100 loot boxes. Of these, he only got eight Legendary skins - of which only four were not duplicates. To put this in perspective, he missed out on seven skins. In previous events, out of 100 loot boxes, a player should expect to only miss out on around two or three skins at the most. Loot boxes are crucial to the success of Overwatch, and during special events in particular, the demand for Limited time items is through the roof. Part of what makes the game so fun, is the challenge. However, even a challenge needs to be realistically attainable.

There comes a point where making it too difficult to collect all the items of the event, starts to negatively impact the gamer's experience. Blizzard needs to find a happy balance between the two.

Jeff Kaplan says he is listening

Blizzard is making an exorbitant amount from loot boxes, so it comes as no surprise that they are constantly monitoring what is being said.

The complaints have been very vocal to say the least. So vocal in fact, that even Overwatch’s game director, Jeff Kaplan has taken to the Overwatch forum to calm everyone down. In his communication, he wrote, "I just wanted to acknowledge that we've been following the threads about the loot box rewards as they pertain to the anniversary events, other events and loot boxes in general.

The feedback and suggestions have been helpful to us.” While no real action has been taken by upper management, it’s nice to know that the players’ concerns are being heard.

Players from United States, United Kingdom and Canada however, can find some consolation. Simply follow this link to collect your free loot boxes!