Donald Trump has only been president for a little over three weeks, but he's already creating controversy and is dealing with his first major scandal of his administration. With pressure mounting, Trump decided to deflect blame onto his predecessor and the "fake news" media.

Trump trouble

In recent days, Donald Trump has been forced to deal with the aftermath of retired Gen. Michael Flynn resigning as National Security Adviser. Flynn stepped down after multiple reports revealed he allegedly had illegal contact with Russian officials. In addition to the drama involving Flynn, Andrew Puzder pulled out of the running for Labor Secretary due to alleged domestic abuse allegations.

On Thursday afternoon, Trump announced his new nominee for Labor Secretary, but did so with anger as he lashed out against the media and the Obama administration, as reported on February 16.

President Donald Trump started his press conference at the White House on Thursday by announcing that Alexander Acosta will be nominated to run the Department of Labor, and would be the first Hispanic member of his cabinet. Following the announcement, Trump went on to attack the media for treating his administration "unfairly." "The press, honestly, is out of control.

The level of dishonesty is out of control," Trump said. "The people get it," he went on to say, before adding, "Much of the media doesn't get it."

Donald Trump then went on to blame the Obama administration for why he "inherited a mess." "To be honest, I inherited a mess.

It's a mess," the former host of "The Apprentice" said, while noting, "At home and abroad: A mess." Trump even brought up the Islamic State (ISIS), and once again claimed he "inherited a mess." "ISIS has spread like cancer, another mess I inherited," he pointed out.

Trump on Dems

At this point, Donald Trump expanded his criticism to include all Democrats, who he blames for holding up his cabinet nominations and blocking legislation.

"The only thing (Democrats) can do is delay, because they've screwed things up royally," the president said.

Trump brags

The billionaire real estate mogul took a slight break from attacking his critics by listing his alleged accomplishments during his short time in the White House. "We have made incredible progress," Trump said.

"I don't think there's ever been a president elected who, in this short period of time, has done what we've done," he noted. Trump went on to conclude his speech by going back on the attack against him political opponents, while giving himself credit for his electoral college win.