One would think that after being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States less than a month ago, Donald Trump would find himself very busy and without much time to do anything other than run the oval office. Though Trump is an excellent businessman and built a huge empire, his political experience is not up to par with those who took the oath before him. Is his move for re-election in 2020 one from a business standpoint or political?

Filing papers for re-election to soon?

According to Political Wire, Donald Trump was eyeing the 2020 election even before he became POTUS.

He filed papers with the Federal Election Commission the same day he was inaugurated to serve his first term in the White House. Now, it appears, amid handling all the affairs as the President, Trump is also going to be hitting the campaign trail to get an early start on assuring his 2nd term in the oval office, even though word has been leaked that he “doesn’t like being President.”

In fact, Twitter and other social media outlets are already buzzing with the news that Trump is holding a rally in Florida, on February 18th to begin his run for a second term in 2020. The rally, to be held at Orlando-Melbourne International Airport, is the first of many that will surely pop up during Trump’s 4 years in office.

It is also a chance for him to rally his supporters back around and mend some fences that have been shattered during the first few weeks of his presidency.

Anti-trump supporters in shock and disbelief

Many believe that the White House has been in constant chaos with Trump leading the way. The staff has been in a state of uncertainty, as one thing after another upsets the cabinet that Trump is trying to build.

Some anti-Trump supporters are calling for impeachment, while others say he is mentally unstable and unfit to hold the position of POTUS. Rallies and protests against Trump broke out even before he won the election, and continue after the fact. Trump seems undaunted by the ever-growing list of non-supporters as he continues with his “Make America Great strategies.

How strategic is the run for 2020 re-election?

Has Trump jumped the gun by throwing his hat in the ring for re-election in 2020, or is there a strategic reason behind the early filing? According to MSN, Trump is the first President to file so early in his term for re-election, yet the term “permanent campaign” has been around since 1980. Other political figures, including Obama and Clinton love the thrill of campaigning and speaking in front of huge crowds.

They say it is both energizing and a way to keep them on track and in tune with their supporters.

Perhaps it will be just the ego boost that many think Trump is looking for. Another interesting note, is the fact that by calling them campaign rallies, Trump may have a little more say in who attends and what he can say. After all, he will be talking as a candidate, not as the POTUS.