It is morose when a young animal is subjected to an act of Animal cruelty. Most people find it hard to imagine how someone could purposely harm a sweet, innocent puppy but these cruel acts occur every day, such as the recent incident in Pittsburg, California. Police are now investigating the disturbing story involving a three-day-old puppy.

Who dropped injured puppy off at a local rescue

The staff at the Umbrella of Hope animal rescue was quite skeptical when a person walked into their facility with a severely injured puppy. The person stated that the animal was seen “walking down the street” so it was picked up and brought into the organization’s veterinary clinic.

What was suspicious is that the puppy was only three days old. The staff at the clinic know the puppy could not possibly be walking since a young animal less than a pound in weight could not possibly be walking around on a busy street, or anywhere for that matter. Additionally, this little guy was scalped from ear to ear. The belief is that the person who dropped him off is quite possibly the abuser of this innocent little dog. The puppy was given the name Hoka by those at the clinic.

The veterinary report at the Umbrella of Hope Clinic

According to the veterinarian at the Umbrella of Hope organization, Hoka had no ears, and due to his very young age, his ear canals were still closed and covered with skin.

The injuries through the scalping caused his ear flaps to be torn away. As a result of these injuries, Hoka may be hearing impaired and will probably need surgery in the future. Currently, he was sedated while the vet was able to close his wounds. He is now on antibiotics and pain medications. Since he is so young and tiny, he requires round-the-clock attention for at least the next couple of weeks.

Hoka is getting immune support during his recovery in hopes that he will heal, become strong and not go into shock. He is now resting comfortably, sucking on a bottle and being kept warm.

Because of the mounting vet bills and impending surgery needs of this little guy, Umbrella of Hope is looking to the public for help. They and the local authorities are also asking for assistance in finding out who or what caused the severe injuries that Hoka endured.

Contact the organization with any leads about the injuries, his litter mates or his parents. A reward of $500 is being offered for leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this puppy’s abuse.