Chloe Lukasiak just let her fans know that she's officially returning to "Dance Moms." The 15-year-old made the announcement via her YouTube channel and the video is currently at 126,000 views.

"So, I think most of you guys know that about two years ago, my mom and I decided to leave Dance Moms because it wasn't right for us at that moment and I wanted to try a few other things. But recently, my mom and I decided to return for this week's episode. I know, it's pretty crazy."

Chloe will return for the 2-hour special of the show, exclusively on Lifetime.


Chloe and Christi's exit from the show was one of the biggest moments for the entire series. For years, Chloe struggled to compete with Maddie Ziegler, a fellow cast member and dancer on the show. Chloe and Christi also faced many issues with Abby Lee Miller, who continuously discouraged Chloe and encouraged a competition with Maddie. In Chloe's final episode on the show, Abby called her "washed up" and didn't congratulate her for placing at Nationals. When the next season premiered, Abby claimed that she invited Chloe and Christi to return for classes, but they refused.

Will Chloe dance?

In the newest episode teaser, Chloe is not seen performing or interacting with her old dance teacher.

During this season, Abby has struggled to find her perfect team for Nationals while managing her legal trouble. Has Chloe been brought back to held the ALDC win again? Only time will tell. In the beginning, we can see Chloe being warned by her mother not to return.

Sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek of what fans can expect as the story continues to unfold.

"I know growing up, competition was like, such a big part of your life, but...haven't you kinda moved on past that? Like, you won Teen Choice, you filmed three movies, you have a lot of stuff going on."

Chloe says that she doesn't care to see Abby again, but she does miss the girls. She also claims that she misses the competition and performing.

Chloe's episode will air Tuesday, February 21.