Fox News business reporter Brenda Buttner has died, succumbing to Cancer at the age of 55. Her death was reported by Fox News on Monday, with anchor Neil Cavuto providing a touching tribute about her career and life during his afternoon broadcast.

“We have some very sad news to share with you today,” a solemn Cavuto said as he began the tribute. “Our Brenda Buttner has passed away.”

Buttner had reported for Fox 17 years

Buttner had reported for Fox since 2000, where she was the longtime host of the network’s “Bulls & Bears” financial program. But Cavuto told his audience that Buttner was “much more” than just a host of a news business program, noting that she was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, but according to Cavuto, “she’d never mention it.” Buttner was also at the top of Harvard class but she “would never, ever say it,” Cavuto said.

"Business journalism is never going to be the same, Cavuto lamented. “I just don't know, now that she's gone, whether we'll ever be.”

Buttner reported for CNBC before joining Fox

Based in New York for Fox, but with Northern California roots, Buttner had previously worked for rival CNBC, where she hosted “The Money Club.” She had worked as the network’s Washington correspondent and later as a general correspondent. In a tweet in November Buttner noted she spent her childhood in Watsonville, Calif., a Santa Cruz County farming community about 100 miles south of San Francisco.

After word of her death was reported, many of Buttner's colleagues took to Twitter and Facebook to remember her and share their condolences.

Fox business reporter, Charlie Gasparino, known for his aggressive interview style and his combative tweets, took to Twitter to issue a solemn message, noting it was a "very sad day" for Fox News.

MSNBC news host Greta Van Susteren, who worked for Fox for years before leaving the network last year, remembered Buttner in a Facebook posting as "very humble."

And Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, also known as Judge Jeanine, lamented the passing of Buttner in a Twitter message

Buttner is survived by two daughters. Services are pending.