Last Friday, the 13th episode of TVD's final season was released. Here are some highlights.

Kai is back!

The episode begins with Kai escaping from hell and ending up at the Mystic Grill. Unfortunately, Kai's celebration is cut short when he realizes that half of him is still stuck with Kade. Kai then makes a deal with Damon: In exchange for waking up Elena and killing Kade, Damon has to find a way to keep Kai out of hell and permanently alive. Kai starts falling apart, so Damon is forced to kill a man for him to feed off of. When Damon tried to trick Ka into waking up Elena early, Kai kills him and steals Elena's body.

Bonnie finds Enzo

With the help of Kade, Bonnie is able to access the world she's created for Enzo. She and Enzo reunite, and he warns her not to trust Kade. Bonnie tries to lie to Kade, but he reads her mind and warns her about keeping secrets from him. The episode ends with Bonnie and Enzo meeting up again.

Dorian doesn't kill Stefan

In this episode, the audience learns that Dorian was the one who kidnapped Stefan outside of Bonnie's house. The pair ends up in the middle of the woods, and Dorian tells Stefan that he remembers him killing his family. Stefan appears remorseful and tries to plea with Dorian, but that doesn't stop him from shooting him. Luckily Dorian has a change of heart and ends up saving Stefan, which was easy to do since Dorian didn't hit any fatal organs with his bullet.

Stefan and Caroline break up

Since Stefan is human again, all of the people he's compelled start remembering him and his crimes. Caroline spends the episode doing damage control for Stefan and trying to improve the lives of the people he's hurt. Sadly, when Stefan gets back, he tells Caroline that he plans to leave town alone.

It's clear that his decision was influenced by Kade, who tried to convince him to let go when he was nearly dying in the wood. Caroline freaks out, and Stefan questions her on what kind of life they could have together. She admits to not knowing before leaving his hospital room.

The "Vampire Diaries" airs every Friday on the CW.