The good ole stork has definitely been busy over the past few days. For Santa Claus had now parked his sleigh and retires his trusted reindeer, we need a good Samaritan to assume the role of spreading joy to the people of the world.

The New Year, 2017 is no exception to any other year. You know a New Year! New first day, new love, and last but not least our trusted New Year's resolution, which for some unknown reason many of us forgets after a few short days or perhaps weeks. And, not to mention, new births are also a favorite for the baby watchers who records the first babies that had born on the very first day of the year.

First babies for January 1, 2017

Today, we will celebrate the birth of twin boys born in different years. In the year of 2016. And in the sunshine state of Arizona a baby boy came into this world at exactly 11:51 pm. On Saturday, December 31st, baby Sawyer bounced into this world in a hurry; it seems he was dying to get here, so that he could enjoy the New Year's festivities before his twin brother realized that he had already made it out of the warm cradle they've shared together for nine months.

But shortly thereafter, Everett decided it was time for him to make his grand entrance. He arrived at 12:01 am, only a mere ten minutes later. The arrival of the fraternal twin had increased the Shay's household to four children; the couple already had two daughters.

Twin boys born in separate years

The family has a lot to be thankful for with the newest addition to their family. Stating that they were already aware that Everett Shay and Jackson Shay could arrive in separate years. As with the familiar story line of the older twin dominating the younger sibling, the couple knows that Sawyer should be the most dominant twin with his claim to fame of being the first born.

Most definitely, the older siblings should have a ball helping to change diapers and making bottles for their younger brothers. Oh, the joy of having not one, but two older sisters! Mischief is in the air and these sisters should start preparing for a wonderful time when these two little bonkers straps on their walking shoes.

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