Sympathy pregnancy weight gain isn't as uncommon among men as you might think. Ask Larry the Cable Guy how easily hubbies get chubby eating for three. New dads could watch Russell Brand for pointers. He and girlfriend Laura Gallacher birthed a baby and he still rocks the famous hot body. How does Russell stay so slim? Well, he certainly didn't start that way. Here's more on the comedian's brand of weight loss.

Baby daddy Russell Brand keeps mum on baby

Before the weight loss talk, pause for a moment to consider Russell Brand as a father. The ex-husband of Katy Perry has a history peppered with less-than-exemplary behavior.

He has a history of eating disorder problems, drug addiction and promiscuity. He's bragged to have slept with more women than Solomon, pretty much. Brand's notorious for leaving impossible-to-shock interviewers shocked. He chronicles his antics in his "coming-of-age" memoir "My Bookie Wook" (volumes 1 and 2). Did the author keep this pregnancy and birth of baby Mabel secret (once of the best-kept in Hollywood) because he's doubting his fatherhood skills? Or is he embracing a more private life?

Russell Brand's transformation secrets

What you see now wasn't the way Brand always looked. In school, the 41-year-old "Despicable Me" star was nerdy and chubby. He says he wasn't obese and back then his size might have been considered that.

Now the BMI (body mass index) is pickier, and even 30-40 pounds overweight may be obesity depending on height. But puberty answers for a lot of weight loss. Childhood obesity is often a matter of baby fat that drops off in adolescence. But Veganism and yoga seem to have helped in Russell's case.

How Russell Brand kept his figure

Chubby tweens may or may not lose weight as teens like Brand did. He attributes some of his gauntness to drug use and the eating disorder bulimia. But the "Get Him to the Greek" actor is also a practicing vegan who was voted "World's Sexiest Vegetarian" by PETA a few years ago. He uses meditation, too.