Coronavirus has ruined many businesses. Most important of these are Travel and associated sectors because tourists bring in revenue for the local economy. To prevent the spread of the infection, new arrivals in any country have to remain in quarantine for a specific duration. That has had a negative impact on travelers because no one would like to arrive at a new place and stay indoors. People would like to be on the move, take in the sights and sound of the new place, mingle with the locals, and enjoy their cuisine and culture. In order to come out of this situation, Singapore and Hong Kong hit upon the concept of an air travel bubble.

Both of them had meager rates of infection, and they agreed to do away with quarantine. They had indicated a probable launch date but a fresh wave in Hong Kong has led to a delay in its implementation.

The Straits Times adds that the authorities have asked people in Hong Kong to be in their homes and not venture out. They should also avoid unnecessary family gatherings. This is because of a fresh wave of Coronavirus. As a result, there would be a further delay in the launch of the air travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong. In the words of Chief Executive Carrie Lam - "The next two weeks will be critical so unless necessary, I hope residents can stay at home, especially the elderly. People should avoid social gatherings even if at home," she said, The Straits Times reports.

Hong Kong gets tough on travel and travelers

The Chief Executive wants the public to play a more meaningful role to check the spread of the virus. If anyone sees anything unusual, he can use the hotline to inform the authorities. They can take necessary follow up action. The government is exploring possibilities of increasing the existing penalties for those who breach social distancing measures.

On the subject of the air travel bubble with Singapore, the first flight was supposed to be on November 22 but that is no longer valid. There is a postponement. The Straits Times clarifies that both sides would review the arrangement in late December and the launch could shift to 2021. Those who have already booked their tickets are advised to liaise with their airlines for alternatives.

Travel is suffering due to coronavirus

The air travel bubble is postponed because of the number of unknown local cases in Hong Kong. It has gone beyond the agreed threshold. It seems a dance club cluster was responsible for the spike in Hong Kong. The virus has compelled people to accept a whole lot of restrictions in their daily lives. They have to wear facemasks, maintain personal hygiene, keep away from crowded places, and avoid physical contact with others. The virus forced people to modify their lifestyles. Obviously, a new concept like the travel bubble was a welcome move. The Straits Times says in the opinion of experts, it is necessary to strengthen social distancing measures. Policymakers have to promote the work from home culture.

Gyms and other leisure facilities that attract crowds should close down.

New norms are the air travel bubble

The prospect of an air travel bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore brought a glimmer of hope for travel-related businesses that included tour operators, hotels, restaurants etcetera. However, its success depended on the ability to control the spread of the virus. According to Channel News Asia, Singapore and Hong Kong decided to defer the launch of this unique feature to next year. This is a result of a spike in cases of coronavirus in Hong Kong. The initial date was November 22 and shifted to early December. Now, it would move into 2021 and there would be a review to define a fresh date.

Hong Kong has already taken measures to contain the disease. This December 1st, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) said the travel bubble will be deferred "beyond December," Channel News Insider says .