Travel and tourism sectors are in the doldrums because of coronavirus. Hong Kong and Singapore are planning to create an air travel bubble to come out of the situation. The level of infection in both these countries is very low, and they will waive the requirement of quarantine. Coronavirus is highly contagious. Because of the nature of the disease, people are wary of travel because they have to remain in quarantine on arrival when they move to another country. That has seen a drastic drop in people's movement, airlines have grounded their planes, and cruise operators have anchored their ships.

Therefore, Hong Kong and Singapore agreed on a no-quarantine concept to bring back the tourists and inject hope among the people. The virus has played havoc with the travel and tourism sectors, and they are waiting for things to improve.

CNN says the proposed air travel bubble will allow residents to move between the two Asian hubs. The quarantine will not be applicable to them. Ever since the virus struck, there is a suspension of normal travel between Hong Kong and nearby countries. Hong Kong requires new arrivals to remain in quarantine for a fixed period and wear a tracking mechanism. These methods have checked the pandemic's spread and encouraged the authorities to introduce the bubble plan with Singapore.

A new mode of air travel on the way

The finalization of the launch date for this concept and the scheme's finer points are yet to be worked out. Both sides are cautious, and the plan envisages travelers to test negative according to a "mutually recognized" test. There are no restrictions on the purpose of travel, but travelers have to make use of designated flights meant for travel-bubble passengers.

Of course, the scheme would depend on the coronavirus situation. In case it aggravates, the number of flights could reduce, or the scheme might be suspended. As of date, the virus has no vaccine, and people have to avoid coming in direct contact with others. CNN quotes both Hong Kong and Singapore officials saying that this decision would be a sort of milestone to bring back normalcy and revive air travel.

Success in containing the virus led to the travel bubble

A remarkable turnaround in both Hong Kong and Singapore led to the creation of the travel bubble. Hong Kong imposed certain restrictions that resulted in criticism from the public, but the authorities remained firm. CNN adds that Singapore also took the spread seriously and initiated measures to check the infection and reduce the numbers. As a result, Singapore has relaxed its restrictions, and one of these is the Hong Kong travel bubble. Some countries are experimenting with a new concept of air travel during coronavirus pandemic – 'flight to nowhere.' Incidentally, Singapore Airlines converted two of its A380s into restaurants. These are positioned on the Changi airport, and those who want to enjoy food in an aircraft can avail the opportunity.

Coronavirus has hit businesses hard, and everyone is trying out different options to reduce losses.

Hong Kong and Singapore confident about travel bubble

According to Channel News Asia, Singapore, and Hong Kong to establish a bilateral air travel bubble. Those who use this mode of movement will be exempt from quarantines or stay-home notices. Both countries have a low incidence of infection because they have implemented robust mechanisms to manage and control coronavirus. That is why they are progressively opening their borders to each other to come out of the virus's curse.