Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engaged in a virtual chat with the Nobel laureate activist Malala Yousafzai. They celebrated the International Day of the Girl and discussed the need to impart education to the girls. That would help them gain the mental strength to tackle the obstacles they face. Their discussions covered the impact of coronavirus and the education of young women. Every girl has a right to a proper education. Before the pandemic, nearly 130 million girls globally were not in school. Malala Fund suggests millions more of them from the secondary-school level might never come back to school after the pandemic.

Daily Mail UK reveals Malala graduated from Oxford University early this year. She survived an attack by a gunman when she was a 15-year-old and became a Taliban target. She campaigned for the education of girls in her native Pakistan. After the attack, arrangements were made to rush her to Britain for treatment. She recovered and set up a non-profit fund to support her work. It was about raising awareness on difficulties girls usually face to access education. In 2014, the activist Malala became the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize winner. Later, she received a degree from Oxford.

Malala curious about Meghan and Harry

Malala wanted to know more from Harry about climate change and the role that women's education would play.

He gave his version. He said – "The importance of girls' education to help defer climate change is critical. And again, with an education, it provides money, income, which makes you less susceptible to disaster, less consumption." These are all interconnected activities, and education creates the gateway. Daily Mail UK adds that Malala was also curious about Meghan and was eager to know her motivation to become an advocate for girls' education.

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Meghan was quick to reply – "Similar to you, you see something so critical to be addressed and so critical to be fixed, and by fixing that one thing, you end up fixing multiple problems."

Meghan talks about Archie

Meghan and Harry look at COVID-19 as a blessing in disguise. Daily Mail UK quotes Meghan saying that the pandemic forced her and her husband Harry to remain indoors.

Therefore, they were present when their son Archie took his first steps. They stepped down as royals, relocated to America via Canada, and kept themselves busy. In August, Harry and Meghan volunteered to work for the Los Angeles charity Baby2Baby. Meghan also mentioned about having "a lot of good family time" during the pandemic. Prince Harry added that both of them saw Archie taking his first step. Then came his first run, his early fall, etcetera. Meghan explained that COVID-19 helped them to treasure the moments of Archie growing up. She adds that if there were no pandemic, she and Harry would have been on the move and missed those precious moments. Harry and Meghan are staying in their Santa Barbara mansion where Celebrities live.

Harry, Meghan, and Malala discuss education for girls

According to Sky News, Harry, Meghan, and Malala chose the International Day of the Girl to discuss various educational aspects for girls. They agreed that COVID-19 had a disproportionate impact on not only the girls and their education, but also on their families. Malala Yousafzai is now in her 20s and had been an outspoken advocate for women's education in Pakistan. In retaliation, the Taliban shot her in the head, and she survived. During his interaction with Malala, Harry agreed that every single young person needs an education. The absence of education for girls would affect the whole world. In December 2018, Meghan discussed with students the subject of girls' empowerment through higher education. It was during a session with students and leaders at King's College London.