Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in California with their son Archie. Harry is a helicopter pilot and saw action in Afghanistan. He qualified as an Apache helicopter commander in 2013. At that time, he was a member of the Regiment Army Air Corps. However, he left the military within a year to pursue charity work. He is now in America and has to remain in touch with flying to ensure his license's validity. Once he gets his license renewed, he could take Meghan and Archie for joy rides. One of his friends has revealed to a media outlet – "He's very proud of that license; he worked hard to get first the basic and then the Apache." He adds that chances of Harry's recall for military service in England are remote.

However, reviving the role of a helicopter pilot could come in handy if he wants to take off for expeditions with his wife and son.

Daily Mail UK says that there is no information on whether Prince Harry owns a helicopter, but he does have his fans and admirers who would be happy to lend him their choppers. They fall into the category of wealthy benefactors. The royal couple had stepped down as senior royals in March and relocated to Canada. Later they shifted base to Los Angeles and are now in Santa Barbara, California, among Celebrities. They have acquired a mansion and have signed a Netflix deal to create documentaries.

Meghan and Harry are exploring opportunities

The royal couple seeks financial independence.

Meghan and Harry attended their last public engagements in Britain in March. Once in America, they began to explore various opportunities in Hollywood. Meghan was the first to bag a job in showbiz. It was the role of a narrator of the Disney Plus docuseries Elephants.

The Daily Mail UK adds that she landed the job probably because of her husband, Harry.

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He talked with Disney chairman Bob Iger about the voiceover skills of Meghan. It was in London at the premiere of The Lion King live-action remake. She donated the entire proceeds to a charity. It was the Elephants Without Borders.

This organization works for the conservation of wildlife and protecting animals from poaching.

In June, Harry and Meghan signed with the Harry Walker agency to be on the speaking circuit. Prince Harry appeared in a new Netflix documentary. Its subject was the Paralympic Games, and it aired on August 26.

Prince Harry saw live action in Afghanistan

Prince Harry was in Afghanistan in winter 2012-13. His duration of stay was for five months as an Apache helicopter pilot. Daily Mail UK reveals that he served as a top gun co-pilot. He had to provide top cover for medical evacuations. There were times when the rescue teams had to retrieve casualties from the battlefield, often under enemy control, and he had to provide necessary aerial cover. It was exciting, and in 2014, he confessed that the role of a pilot of an Apache helicopter pilot was something he missed.

He also dropped hints that he would like to return to flying.

Harry has to be careful of carbon footprint

According to The Sun UK, Prince Harry loves to fly helicopters. He has joined a helicopter club in California to tune up his reflexes as a helicopter pilot. Harry is keen to maintain his flying license up-to-date for renewal. He probably wants to take off with his wife and son on family trips. If he does, he would have to be careful about his carbon footprint. He wants to promote an eco-friendly environment and launched his eco-tourism project Travelyst last year. Obviously, he will have to control his carbon footprint in case he is serious about taking up frequent flying. Incidentally, Harry's father, Prince Charles, faced criticism for using a helicopter for a 125-mile journey to give a speech on climate change. It led to a huge amount of carbon footprint. If he had traveled by car, the carbon footprint would have been a fraction.