In the opinion of Greta Thunberg, the bushfires raging in Australia are because of people not recognizing the effects of climate change. This attitude can have far-reaching consequences, she feels. The teenage climate activist from Sweden lays the blame on political inaction to address the issue of climate change. To this, Prime Minister Scott Morrison reacted by saying that Australia would do "what we think is right for Australia." He also said he wants to put the interests of his own people first.

Newsweek reports that the bushfires in Australia destroyed the green cover and the Environment.

A town near Sydney is an example. Its population is around 400 and the fires have wreaked havoc on it. Its residents do not have permission to return. Greta explained that failure to link climate crisis with an increase of extreme weather conditions leads to conditions of this nature. Therefore, decision-makers must change their line of thinking and reassess the priorities to prevent such situations.

Issue of climate change has political undertones

Prime Minister Scott Morrison clarified that the climate policy of Australia would put "national interests uppermost." In this connection, he identified the environment at the top of the agenda, followed by the economy. On the subject of controlling the coal industry in the wake of the bush fires, he said his government would try to keep away from "reckless" climate targets.

Newsweek says he made these comments while speaking to the media in New South Wales where he indicated about not trying to “impress people overseas.” The obvious reference was to Greta Thunberg and her remarks.

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Incidentally, the prime minister was holidaying in Hawaii even as bushfires raged in his country last week. He accepted criticism for that.

Bushfire in Australia left a trail of destruction

According to 7News AU, Greta Thunberg has blamed climate change for the bushfires in Australia that left at least nine dead and destroyed more than 800 homes.

In New South Wales, the loss in fire was of 100 buildings and the village of Balmoral in the Southern Highlands was leveled. In addition, 72 homes burnt in the Adelaide Hills fire.

There are many more fires still burning across Australia and rains are not expected for weeks. Obviously, people are worried. Greta Thunberg demanded immediate political action and resorted to social media to air her views. Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged that there was a link between climate change and extreme weather events. However, he said his government was on course to meet its emissions reduction targets.

The Swedish teenage climate activist is Time's Person of the Year and she has returned to Sweden for a break after she traveled to the US, addressed the United Nations and participated in the climate talks held in Madrid.