Even though they do not belong to the White House any longer, the popularity of the Obamas has not diminished. This is the finding of the latest Gallup poll. Former first lady Michelle Obama has seized the title of the most admired woman from Hillary Clinton who held that honor for 17 years in a row. That is the result of the latest poll where 1,025 Americans participated. The popularity of her book “Becoming” must have played an important role in the choice.

According to Sky News, the poll shows 15 percent of the women admired Michelle Obama the most.

She is at present on a tour to promote her Book that is a best seller. Talk show host Oprah Winfrey was the second most admired woman with five percent rooting for her while Hillary Clinton and First Lady Melania Trump followed with four percent each.

Barack Obama also scores another hit

The Obamas are on a high. The latest Gallup poll reveals Michelle Obama to be the most admired woman and her husband, former POTUS Barack Obama has successfully held on to the title of the most admired man for the 11th consecutive year. He polled 19 percent of votes. He had been the president for two terms and had received the Nobel Peace prize that helped him to attain a stature of his own. During his term in office, he handled issues at both, home and abroad with equal aplomb that endeared him to the masses.

Current US President Donald Trump followed him with 13 percent votes and former president George W Bush and Pope Francis came third with two percent votes each. Hillary Clinton had been the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee and a former US senator and secretary of state.

She was the most admired woman for a total 22 times. Out of that, the past 17 years were in a row. In spite of such a past, the voters have favored Michelle Obama probably due to several factors, one of these being her approach to problems. She has mentioned about some of these in her book, which made it a bestseller.

The Gallup poll

The Gallup poll is a regular feature carried out every year since 1946, except in 1976. There were 1,025 adults surveyed during 3-12 December in the latest poll. It covered adults who had to name the man and woman whom they admired the most. They could be from anywhere in the world and from any discipline and reflect the perception of the people. The BBC adds The Queen secured a place in the top 10 for the 50th time. President Donald Trump finished second in the category of the most admired man in the world for the fourth consecutive year. Oprah Winfrey has been second on 14 occasions.