The news is out that the Obamas are coming to a television screen, so you can binge-watch them whenever you want to see them and to hear what they have to say. Netflix announced on Monday, May 21, that former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama have signed a multi-year deal to produce a series of films. Netflix reported that this is a first-of-its-kind deal for a former United States president.

Netflix's press release indicated that it might include a combination of scripted, unscripted, documentaries, and feature stories.

The Obamas have set up their own company to produce the programs. It is called Higher Ground Productions for Netflix's 125 million members.

The Obamas' reaction

The former president is excited to be able to share experiences with the general public. He said one of the simple joys of his time in public service was getting to meet people from all walks of life. Now he and his wife will be able to continue doing so because she shares a similar excitement. They look forward to the partnership with Netflix as the avenue for them to continue to stay in touch with the American people.

The Obamas will not use Netflix to go against the current president.

Instead, the couple intends to stay positive and take full advantage of the valuable platform Netflix has given them to be visible after leaving the White House two years ago.


Even though Netflix did not specify a definite timeline, the programming is expected to start as early as 2019. The couple will be on camera as hosts or moderators some of the time.

On other occasions, they will work behind the camera as producers along with a team of other producers. Whether they will be on camera or behind the camera, they aim to produce shows with the public in mind.

The New York Times named two shows that the public might be interested in seeing aired on the streaming network. Barack Obama could talk about major topics that dominated his presidency for eight years.

Michelle Obama could talk about subjects she was involved in while in the White House. That could include nutrition. Of course, they will have the opportunity to produce shows of their choice.

Before the Obamas left the White House, the former president said he was interested in doing something digitally. Now he is getting the chance to do just that along with his mate. Are you interested in seeing the Obamas on Netflix? What are some of the things you would like to see them produce?