One of the greatest things about being human is that we have total control over how our lives end up. We choose how to spend our days and whether our TIME is spent wisely or poorly. Though the unfortunate thing that we can sometimes do is choose to spend our time seeking short-term pleasures over long-term goals which can give us devastating effects, in the long run, potentially putting us in a state of regret. The last thing you want to do is spend the days when you can no longer do anything, regretting and wishing you did the things you sought out to do.

Your priorities say everything about you.

How can our priorities affect us?

Our overall quality of life is determined by how we choose to spend our days, consisting of the activities that we perform as well as the people that we interact and decide to spend our time with. Time is the most valuable resource of our lives, what we choose to make our priorities is what our days are typically made up of. Our time is something that is meant to be utilized, not wasted. Having an inability to cherish one's time will also affect how you treat others time as well.

If we ever find ourselves unsatisfied or seeking change, we must ask ourselves where our priorities lie. I sometimes end my days having some tasks left undone, telling myself that I ran out of time.

It is not about a matter of time, but a matter of priorities. If you ever find yourselves in this situation, instead of telling yourself I don't have time, tell yourself it's not a priority, and see how that feels. We spoke earlier about seeking short-term pleasures over long-term goals, The next time you find yourself doing this, remind yourself that your time can never be replaced.

The right people will cherish your time, cut off the ones who don't.

We must always ask ourselves if our priorities align with our goals or where we want to be in life and if what we're doing today will create a better tomorrow. Our priorities also coincide with the people in which we choose to spend our time with, they significantly influence our world and assist in molding us into the people that we become.

There is a quote that I like by Tim Grover; it goes "Think twice before you care," I bring this up because out of all the people we meet in this world, we can sometimes find ourselves spending time with people that do not cherish ours as well.

We must always spend time with people that better our overall quality of life and never give time to people that do not revere ours. These are our lives, and how we choose to spend our time on this earth is detrimental to our well being, for if we are not pleased with it, we will find it impossible to please and help others. Life is short, and our time well spent will result in giving ourselves the most fulfilling and successful lives of which we are capable of and deserve. The world is ours, out destiny is in our hands.