There is a common misconception that we see a lot of on social media, and that is the theory of ageism. You know - a lot of people saying things on social media like "its ok if you slack off or scr*w up in your teens or twenties." This type of mindset or vice versa, for our older years, can do drastically affect our future in the long run. There are upsides and downsides to both of these options that we must all take into consideration.

Are your younger years more critical?

Whenever we base our goals and our ambitions in regards to our life as a whole, we must ask ourselves; would we rather grind while we're young and relax and bask in our success earlier and longer, or chill while we're young and work at an older age and retire later in life?

Coming to a conclusion earlier than sooner will allow us to create a better plan for whatever it is we wish to accomplish in our lives.

We might be inclined to take it easier at an earlier age, but we must also realize that our younger years are designed for us to utilize our potential to the fullest, for it will be easier for us to do this while we're young. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his twenties, countless of other CEO's and celebrities met success in their twenties. Never think that simply because you are too young you cannot achieve greatness.

Should you wait for the older years?

You sometimes see people say that because you may be 50 or 60 you're past your prime. Countless accomplishments and milestones have been produced in some people in later years as well.

One of the positive aspects of starting at an older age would allow you to use more guidance and wisdom that you obtained in your past, possibly enabling you to make better decisions in your endeavors. One of the downsides is that starting later will put you into a higher workload when you may not be as healthy as you were in your younger years.

It will also force you to retire later in life than you may have previously anticipated.

The moral of this is that age never defines the level of success that you are capable of achieving. Just because someone got big at 40, never let them tell you that's the only way. We are all on our own timeline. Our age can only affect our capabilities if we allow it to.

Any age is the right age to begin and you are never too young or old. Your potential is only based on your heart, focus, work, and determination to achieve everything you seek to pursue to give yourself everything you desire in life.