The Merriam-Webster Dictionary announced that it has just added more than 250 new Words along with their definitions. Words are added when officials notice that they have been used on a consistent basis over time.

Perhaps you have heard some of the new words, or you might have used them yourself. Look through the list of words to see if you are familiar with any of them. Even though Merriam-Webster added more than 1,000 words back in February, it was necessary to add more just seven months later.


Some foods and food-related words are among the new words.

Sriracha, the hot pepper sauce, was added. Now people can look it up in the Dictionary if they don't know how to spell it. Saigon cinnamon is another new word. Froyo is nothing but frozen yogurt.

Superfood is a food that is said to be healthy and good for you. Hangry is the combination of being hungry and angry at the same time.

Internet-related words

The word troll means to criticize someone on the internet. This is done when people use inappropriate messages to antagonize someone.

Ransomware or malware means about the same thing when computer owners are asked to pay a ransom to get their own files back after they have been hijacked or encrypted. Sext means to send suggestive text messages.

Medical terms

New medical terms have made their way into the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. A cardioverter is a device used to give an electric shock to restore someone's normal heartbeat.

Sports terms

Bunny is a basketball term used when a player takes an easy shot while standing close to the basket. Face mask is a football term where a penalty is imposed for pulling an opponent's face mask during a game.

Schneid is a slang word that refers to a losing streak.

Political terms

Alt-right refers to the right-wing that is predominantly extremist. Hive mind refers to the opinions of a group of people that seems to come from just one person in the group. This is not limited to a political group.

Other words

Onboarding means to train or give orientation to a new employee.

Dog whistle refers to an expression or statement that only a particular group of people might understand. Pre-game means to drink before going to a party or another event. To front means to portray a fake or false personality to make people think you are what you are not. Concealed carry and open carry mean carrying firearms in public. Dad bod is a male physique that is not toned.

Check out Merriam-Webster's website to see some of the other new words. You might find them quite interesting.