After six months in the White House, Donald Trump has not shown any signs of slowing down his criticism of his political opponents. While the president lashes out on an almost daily basis, one of his own children is not far behind.

Trump Jr. on Twitter

Even when Donald Trump was able to pull off the upset in the GOP primary to become the Republican nominee last summer, he was still considered the underdog headed into the general election against Hillary Clinton. Despite his controversial rhetoric, questionable policy proposals, and the now infamous "October surprise" in the form of the leaked "Access Hollywood" tape, the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to weather the storm and defeated Clinton to become the new commander in chief.

In the time since Election Day, Trump has been backed into a wall over a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, the growing Russian scandal, health care, his executive orders, and the in-fighting that has reportedly taken place within his own administration. Earlier this week, however, the White House was given a glimmer of hope when the Supreme Court ruled that a limited version of his travel ban executive order would be allowed to go forward, with the full argument being heard in the court later this year. Commenting on this issue, and many others, was Donald Trump Jr. in a series of tweets on June 28.

Taking to his Twitter account in similar fashion as his father, Donald Jr.

decided to cover a lot of ground, including an attempt to mock Hillary Clinton over the SCOTUS upholding a portion of the travel ban. "I believe this needs to be updated it didn't age so well. Thx 9-0 #scotus," the younger Trump tweeted out, while re-tweeting a previous post by Clinton regarding the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals who had previously voted 3-0 to block the ban in question.

"Did the FBI retaliate against Michael Flynn by launching Russia probe?

| Circa News - Learn. Think. Do," Donald Jr. wrote in an additional tweet. "Amazing that Dems are doing training seminars to teach Pols how to talk to heartland voters. How about find candidates that already know?" he added in a follow-up post.

Twitter reacts

Following the tweetstorm from Donald Jr. and his mockery of Hillary Clinton, social media critics of the White House were quick to fire back. "You know it's not actually decided right?" comedian Erich McElroy tweeted back.

"Just like daddy, still obsessed with Hillary.

Pathetic, she won the popular vote, get over it," another tweet went on to read. "Still working on Hillary while she's home having coffee reading your crazy treat. Look around, don't you & dad have better things to do?" one Twitter user wrote.

"Wanna see tweets that don't age well, go to daddy's feed. You should have waited 2 hrs. To see his crazy feed like I did at museum," another social media user posted in response. As the backlash continued, it was made clear that the partisan divide in the country was not going to come to an end at any point in the near future.