Just when you thought Miami was all about "the club life," the St. Regis Bal Harbour injects culture into one's social calendar, creating OPA Thursdays at their new restaurant, Atlantikos. It is a weekly Greek feat and celebration "that offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a truly authentic experience." Guests can break plates, and drink shots of Ouzo, with a traditional Greek dinner to follow. OPA Thursdays will take place from 6:00pm-9:00pm each week and cost $45.00 per person with complimentary valet parking.

The St. Regis should be on every man's social calendar

The St. Regis hotel is located in the Town of Surfside and the hotel opens to the public with events such as these and the successful Bourbon & Bowties event held in conjunction with local store Saks Fifth Avenue. The beautiful entrance, skyline, and poolside of the hotel add a visual enticement to couples and friends who spend their time at the location. The menu has been created by Chef de Cuisine Tasos Chaskioglou and Atlantikos General Manager Panos Nikiforou, Greek natives who wanted to bring a taste of the Greek culture to these dishes.

Leave traffic to enjoy the spirit of "kefi"

The signature activity of the OPA Thursdays is the ritual of "breaking plates." This traditional action is being done less often in Greek tavernas (now buquets of flowers are thrown at the dancers during celebrations), but the pleasure is inescapable.

The story goes that it began as a rich family invited a poorer family to dinner at their house, and to make them feel less intimidated by the fancy dinnerware, they broke the plates together, sending the message that "friendship is everything." The whole activity, together with great Greek food, encapsulates the spirit of "kefi"-- positive emotions, i.e., love, family, passion, friendship, that has to find an outlet through dance, music, breaking plates, etc.

The message reaches out to South Floridian residents who work hard during the week in different businesses up and down the area. Usually, outlets are going to nightclubs and listening to music, but there are also other activities like OPA Thursdays. Native Miamians can take pleasure in these little "hidden jewels" of their city that tourists would have to be told about while waiting in line to get into the usual nightclubs.