Born in London to a Nigerian royalty Prince Thompson Iyamu, 48, is an actor and a writer whose attributes personifies the epitome of masculinity. His claims to the throne of machoism is anchored on an imposing physique that have earned him roles in major Hollywood blockbusters like "The Mummy" and "Tomb Raider" -and purported romantic prowess laid bare in the intimately explosive eBook "The Players Code Unleashed."

After publishing original "The Players Code" in 2015 Prince Iyamu recently launched the second edition titled "The Players Code Unleashed." Both sex books have been labeled “literary sex pills” since they offer sassy tips andadvicee for spouses and partners to improve the quality of their intimacy and romantic lives.

Based largely on his personal experiences, the ebook is for those who want to have an insight in what he says ancient philosophers termed “the lovers game”.

The intimate ebook is meant to unleash the inner James Bond in every man.

"The Players Code," written for both men and women, is designed to help you discover the missing link in your sex life," Prince Iyamu says. "The Players Code Unleashed" teaches that for a woman to feel attraction for you she has to associate some sexual or positive emotion with you. The inability to understand this inner female flow leads many men to romantic cul de sac". The eBook, available in all major online stores, is designed to help them out of this rut and have then living like a James Bond

With some of the online reviews claiming that "The Players Code Unleashed" makes "Fifty Shades of Grey" look like a bedtime story, the ebook whose first edition was published in 2015 have been an instant hit with those keen on improving their bedroom prowess.

eBook author also doubles as an actor and stuntman

The author, who claims the explosive online publication will stir awake the beast within you, says the book is a chronicle of personal experiences that he has accumulated over the years while working in the movie industry. Apart from being an author and a businessman, Prince Iyamu is also an accomplished actor and stuntman who starred in major Hollywood Blockbusters like "Tomb Raider," "The Mummy" and "Golden Eye."

"The Players Code Unleashed" will help you lose the sticking points holding you back from success with girls.

I found that it’s normally a couple obstruct that keeps a gentleman away from coming to his potential in the dating scene," the author says on his personal website. "If ever, you have a feeling that you’re driving with emergency brakes on, not able to gain traction, then this ebook will offer you some assistance with releasing the brake and advance full speed".