Last night, the Pullman Hotel in Miami unveiled the first phase of its urban art murals collection. Local street artists Tatiana Suarez, Abstrkt, Quake, Evoca 1, Hoxxoh and Jessy Nite were all commissioned to paint murals on the walls of the Pullman to give travelers a taste of Miami. In truth, on the cab ride in from the airport, they could see the guard post and the outside facade of the hotel touched by the artists (Abstrkt). Artist Quake painted his mural of the Pullman brand itself (starting long ago as a railroad company). Artist Evoca 1 drew the mythical Atlas mural in the hotel lobby.

Atlas in copper colors gives off a grandiose feeling to the viewer as if the wall is bigger because of his responsibility. Hoxxoh, aka Douglas Hoekzema, gave the people and employees at La Riviera restaurant his mural. Jessy Nite and Tatiana Suarez painted murals at the Le Bar lounge and the second floor for the interested. Art advisor Sebastian Laboureau, addressed the invitees and brought up the important point that the average time someone looks at an art piece is 12 seconds.

Art is not just for the rich, it is 'humanity'

Street art, as Mr. Laboureau pointed out, is not just vandalism and crude graffiti. It wasn't invented by the French in the late 1950's either but it is a unique medium that shows the expression of the human being in large form (think of cave paintings, he pointed out).

In addressing the crowd, Abstrkt said it best that the Pullman (previously Hotel Sofitel) is a landmark along the East-West expressway from the suburbs on the way to the beach. A tourist might only sightsee and look at the Bank of America building, the Inter-Continental or the Freedom Tower as Miami landmarks and natives may have blinked too many times along the stretch and missed the hotel.

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Artist Quake spoke about listening to Country music to inspire him to make the journey back to the mighty Pullman trains which made him focus more on his mural. He said he spliced the painting into sections because that is how he felt it would best speak to the viewer and in explaining this, it could give the viewer a better understanding and appreciation of the piece.

Miami is more than just its boundaries

Abstrkt said it best that the Pullman (previously the Hotel Sofitel) is a landmark along the East-West expressway from the suburbs on the way to the beach. A tourist might only sightsee along the boundaries of the City of Miami itself and the beach and a native might have blinked too many times and missed the hotel. Greater Miami is a treasure in its size and for natives and tourists, the beauty is everywhere. The murals at the Pullman present another aspect of the true character and personality of Miami which they don't have to wait to see in traffic, trying to navigate the arteries in Wynwood. In speaking with Abstrkt he expressed that Wynwood has become saturated and artists are thirsting for new walls and open areas to paint which was why the partnership with Mr.

Laboureau was so opportune. Any Miamian can truly say that braving the traffic to cross the county can be costly, so having benefits such as the Urban Art collection can put people in touch with art they may never see.