This is it, "Fortnite," folks. Today's the big day as the BR shooter's player base is ready to face the planet-eating being that is Galactus. Prior to this massive event, a lot from the "FNBR" community is well aware of the leaks and potential spoilers that made the rounds online and got them musing about it. One of which is a tweet from a dataminer suggesting that a new item will be introduced in the game.

Could be a new weapon in 'Fortnite'

Emerging "Fortnite" dataminer – Mang0e (@Mang0e_) tweeted about a month ago suggesting that Epic Games could be working on a new weapon to be added in the game.

Per the post, the item was dubbed the "Lazing Device" as the leaker stated that "its WID is all over the place," though the dataminer believes that the weapon could be a prototype of what he calls a "Cosmos Rifle." Further, Mang0e also noted that the yet-to-be-confirmed weapon uses stats similar to that of the base Bolt-Action Sniper.

The leaker pointed out, though, that he can't confirm anything as of yet, but stated that he was spot on with the Slurp Bazooka before the weapon's introduction.

Wild guesses

With that in mind, there have been wild guesses among "Fortnite" players as to what the weapon would be. Some believe that Epic could be making a Lazarbeam skin on their Icon Series, and such a weapon could be a part of such a bundle.

However, a more plausible guess is that this Lazing Device could be included in the so-called "secret skin" in Season 5 that is presumed to be Din Djarin, a.k.a. The Mandalorian.

Over on Reddit, the user u/SupremeLeaderSnoke commented on a clip from "The Mandalorian" showing the bounty hunter using an Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster rifle where he turned several Jawas to dust.

Pretty awesome if such a weapon comes to fruition in "Fortnite" BR.

Getting that 'secret skin'

If such intel about the "secret skin" (The Mandalorian skin) fits in the bag, it is yet to be determined as to how players can get it in the BR shooter. However, according to Dexerto, it is probable that the cosmetic might be acquired the same way how featured skins in "Fortnite" are unlocked – via the completion of the game's Battle Pass challenges:

  • Loading up the game
  • Hovering over to the Battle Pass Menu
  • Accessing the Battle Pass challenges and completing them.

They also noted that "Fortnite" Chapter 2 Season 5 would begin on December 2, but the kick-off time has yet to be determined.

Dexerto also stated that hints were coming from leakers that there could be another Black Hole event that officially ends Season 4 and pave the way for a new one.

As for the fifth season, Epic Games Co-Founder and Vice President Mark Rein made a tweet describing it as "chaotic." Pretty vague, but it definitely adds up to the "Fortnite" hype.