Marvel’s Devourer of Worlds – Galactus, has already been spotted within the Fortnite” map and players are prepping up to slug it out against the massive cosmic being. Now that his head is already popping out, a lot of players have been musing to check him out at the close range. With that in mind, a known glitch seeker stumbled upon a technique that will let you get near him before the big battle.

Getting near the Devourer

The YouTuber known as Glitch King recently posted a short clip on his channel showing how it’s done. Per the video, players must enter any “Fortnite” limited-time mode that would allow them to see Galactus on the map, not to mention that the Battle Bus is going towards him.

GK also mentioned that “Fortnite” players need to unplug their internet connection (disconnecting the ethernet) for a couple of seconds before they get kicked out from the bus. If done correctly, the Battle Bus will continue to get near Galactus, though it is noticeable that there will be a thick cluster of purple storm clouds that block the view. He also mentioned of another way to view him by simply zooming his head on Replay Mode.

The villain’s head on the YouTuber’s clip doesn’t have any textures yet by the time it was uploaded. A recent tweet from “Fortnite” leaker FortTory, however, shows Galactus alongside his textures fully loaded. It’s also noticeable that his face can now be partly seen as if he’s taking a sip from that body water he’s in.

Potential 'Fortnite' leaks

Alongside this, the “Fortnite” leaker also tweeted a screenshot claiming to be from the battle royale shooter’s Discord. FortTory believes that it added a feature that would allow members of the said server to watch the game’s Season 4 finale even if they’re not in-game.

Another leak coming from Twitter user mix (@ximton) shows what could be the Galactus skin in “Fortnite” BR.

At the time of posting, it’s still tagged as “TBD” as the leaker added that the skin “might only be for the event.” Per Dexerto, however, they noted that @ximton has stumbled upon some game files that may well seem to suggest that the skin could be a part of a bundle. In line with these, a most recent tweet from @ximton also suggests how the in-game countdown’s “final stage” would look like.

The Mandalorian could be a secret skin

In other potential leaks, there were also rumors about The Mandalorian being a secret skin in Season 5. This, after FortTory tweeted several images showing the famed character from the “Star Wars” lore. The leaker also tweeted that “Epic managed to mess up once more by releasing some unreleased stuff” that is connected to the upcoming season.

The “Fortnite” BR community is already hyped about the huge battle that is likely to unfold within the game. Be advised, though, that the above-mentioned should be taken with some pinches of salt on it.