Destiny 2’s” Holiday-themed event – The Dawning - is in full swing as The Tower has grown to become a one big Guardian bake-off. It started a bit buggy with some of the quests and ingredients missing, but Bungie quickly rolled out some workarounds for it. However, there is one interesting glitch that was recently stumbled upon by a player, and this caught the attention of his fellow Guardians.

A strange Fireteam bug in 'Destiny 2'

A post from Reddit user Fraco17 has gained quite traction within the “Destiny 2” Raid Secrets subreddit. According to him, he was heading to The Tower, though for some reason ended up to the part of the Warden of Nothing strike where the boss has been eliminated.

What’s more head-scratching about it is that the Fireteam that he’s in consists of nine Guardians. Unfortunately, he noted that he has no idea as to how this glitch can be replicated. Alongside it is a couple of screenshots and a short clip showing the glitch.

Farming those Essences

Meanwhile, another “D2” player on the same subreddit revealed a trick that allowed him to farm those Essences of Dawning. Per u/Jikklez, he just loaded a Tier 2 Wrathborn Hunt, started the actual mission, reset the Cryptolith Lure, and defeat the boss. In line with this, known “Destiny 2” glitch seeker Cheese Forever uploaded a video on his YouTube channel showing his version of farming those Dawning Essences. Now get those Essences and stacking up on those cookies.

“Destiny 2” players are pretty much well-aware of the so-called Stasis glitch where Guardians use these crystals to phase through closed doors. Well, it just got fixed as Bungie rolled out the hotfix that eventually patched the exploit. This, alongside other fixes that include:

  • Fixed an issue where Guardians could get the Solo Flawless Dungeon Triumphs via checkpoints.
  • Fixed an issue where players could encounter a crash whenever they do emote swapping while frozen.
  • Resolved an issue where the settings for Film Grain, Motion Blur, and Chromatic Aberration would reset to default between play sessions on next-generation consoles.
  • Also fixed an issue with Warlocks where they could emit a damaging impulse through Vesper of Radius's use without even using their Rift charge. That said, players can now equip the said armor piece.

Future of Stasis

Now back to Stasis, Polygon spoke with “Destiny 2” Game Director Luke Smith as he confirmed the “new Aspects are planned for future seasons.” They noted that more of this Stasis is likely to arrive in the “Witch Queen” and “Lightfall” expansions, not to mention that more Stasis changes will be rolled out in Year 4 of the first-person shooter.