Call of Duty Warzone” Season 1 “Black Ops: Cold War” is well underway, though players have been encountering some bugs early on. One of them is a recently discovered game-breaking exploit that one might think the BR shooter is haunted.

The invisible glitch in 'Warzone'

Posts over on the “Call of Duty” subreddit and Twitter begin to come in as players complain about this so-called invisible bug/exploit. Reddit user Zeljio was one of the players who brought this issue to light as his post gained some traction over on r/CODWarzone.

He noted that this new “Warzone” glitch “is relatively easy to reproduce and is absolutely game-breaking.” Further, he also stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if the word goes out and even predicted that every match in the game would have an invisible player.

However, he’s not sure how to call the attention of either the developer or Activision without giving away how to do replicate the glitch.

Reports suggested that the glitch has something to do with the recently added Attack Helicopter in “Warzone.” As mentioned, clips of the said exploit have grown rampant online as players on the receiving end can only see gunfire before getting eliminated.


There is a way, however, to detect these invisible players in “Warzone.” They can still be seen on the radar whenever they’re firing their weapons.

As of writing, game developer Raven Software has yet to address this serious issue within “Warzone.” In the meantime, let’s put our radars to good use.

Can't use those XP Tokens

Another thing that frustrated the “Warzone” community is that they can no longer spend their XP Tokens in the BR shooter, and it looks like these tokens are stuck to “Modern Warfare.” This move definitely caught the ire of players who don’t have the latter title.

Reddit user hehelroflmaoed made a post stating that he has purchased every “Warzone” Battle Pass and went on noting that “they’ve taken the privilege to remove the content I’ve paid for.” Just like the above-mentioned post about the glitch, this too got noticed by the player base, and it’s pretty evident that they do not have it.

Down in the comments, one user stated, “so I bought a Battle Pass for ‘Warzone’ and now can’t use them in ‘Warzone?’ ‘Warzone’ hasn’t suddenly become a new game or a sequel overnight. It’s the same damn game. That is f*cked up.”

A plausible theory pointed out by Dexerto is that both Activision and Treyarch locked these XP tokens to “Modern Warfare” for their players to earn those “Black Ops Cold War” tokens, not to mention prevent players from quickly leveling up the new weapons in “Warzone.”