Game developer miHoYo just released “Genshin Impact’s” 1.2 Update as it provided a massive content drop to the game. One of them is a new area in the game known as Dragonspine. Alongside this is a new city added to the game dubbed Peak in Vindagnyr. That said, dedicated players have already figured out where the box locations at to unlock the secret room gate in Dragonspine.

A secret room in Dragonspine

A Reddit post from u/jackx over on the Genshin Impact subreddit has been getting a lot of attention as of late where it showed the locations of the above-mentioned boxes.

This alongside a screenshot showing these well-hidden items on the map:

  • Scribe Box – Near Starglow where you’ll see a gravestone. Place a flower (Cecilia Flower) on it to reveal the box.
  • Priest Box – Located at the castle ruins near the Entombed City – Ancient Palace. It’s at the top of the ruined castle tower so there’s a bit of climbing.
  • Princess Box – It's on an islet near the Snow-Covered Path. Interact with the tree and defeat the mages (three of them).

In line with this, the YouTube channel of PonPon uploaded a short clip providing a clearer picture of where to go.

Be reminded, however, that defeating those three mages may be a bit tricky since there’s a time limit in beating them (one minute).

It is best to bring Pyro and Cryo characters for the said battle. Another way is to do it is a co-op with a friend. As for the Cecilia Flower, it can be found on Starsnatch Cliff.

Crimson Agates in 'Genshin Impact'

Another Reddit user – u/someone_needing_help – posted a screenshot showing where the Crimson Agates are located.

For the uninitiated, this “Genshin Impact” item is used by players to level up the Frostbearing Tree. By leveling up the tree, players can get various rewards like Aquaint Fates, blueprints, and Wind Gliders.

Eight Ancient Carvings

Within “Genshin Impact’s” newest zone, there are also Ancient Carvings that once collected, will reward players a four-star Claymore dubbed the Snow-tombed Starsilver. Players are well-aware that Dragonspine is pretty massive and collecting these (eight of them) will be a strenuous task.

With that in mind, u/TriNity696 posted a snapshot of the game map revealing the locations of those carvings. Seven of these etched stones are fairly easy to acquire except for the one that’s located behind the above-mentioned secret room on Dragonspine.

After interacting with all eight of these Ancient Carvings, “Genshin Impact” players need to head over to the door under the Statue of the Seven.

Interact with that box-shaped device to open it. Players will see a chest containing the Memory of the Entombed City. Get it, check the inventory, and click on the Precious Items tab to use the Memory of the Entombed City to learn how to craft the Snow-tombed Starsilver.

PC Gamer noted that before leaving the room, players can light up the four torches inside to unlock another chest that contains another four-starred claymore.