Call of Duty: Warzone’s” shrinking circle of death – the poisoned gas - is the topic of discussion among players as of late as some of them found a way to take advantage of its visuals to pop those who are inside of it. It’s game-breaking without a doubt and it’s pretty much annoying if you’re on the receiving end of things.

The so-called gas bug in ‘Warzone’

Reddit user u/Arman276’s recent post over on “Warzone’s” subreddit is gaining traction among fellow players where it featured a short clip on how he fell victim for this trick. Per the video, it can be seen that the gas is closing in on them when they’ve spotted an enemy on the rooftop of a building.

The problem is the greenish gas completely blocked his vision making it difficult to shoot the enemy on that spot. He fired away despite the predicament, but to no avail, as the opponent rained down bullets on him that lead to his elimination.

Checking with the kill-cam, it revealed that the player on the other side of the gas can see things clearly. An unfair advantage indeed.

The Reddit user stated that he was taking shots because the enemy’s head was peeking and assumed that the other player couldn’t see as well. Further, the OP stated he also has the Cold-Blooded perk and claims to have an aim that “is usually better” than his opponents. He went on stating none of those mattered due to the fact that his enemy has zero visual block.

Another player – u/Gnarkillo - also detailed his awful encounter with the “Warzone” gas. He too suffered the same fate as the other Reddit user.

‘Warzone’ community’s thoughts about the issue

Down in the comments, there are “Warzone” players who claim that they too lost games because of it.

Others are having mixed opinions on what happened as some of them believe that the player inside the gas was actually not inside it and pointed out that the game’s kill-cam does not display gas.

As of writing, Infinity Ward has yet to address this emerging issue in “Warzone.” In the meantime, don’t trust the gas.

A previous bug involving the toxic gas

Prior to this, there’s an issue with “Warzone” where players respawn straight to the gas with zero chance of survival. It is said that the issue starts in the Gulag after players won their 1v1 and this has frustrated a lot of players.

Several clips have been posted by players over on Reddit showing this annoying bug. Rather than being redeployed to a safe zone to get back into the fray, “Warzone” players respawn inside the deadly gas only to meet certain elimination. A good example was a clip from Reddit user u/on-my-mobile where it can be seen in the short video how their hard-earned return from the Gulag is being engulfed in toxic gas.