The “Call of Duty: Warzone” community is calling out its developer Infinity Ward about what they came across in-game. These players claim that there are certain EBR blueprints in the game that give One-Shot Headshots in ‘Warzone’ on opponents donning full armor.

Several players have already taken to “COD Warzone’s” subreddit to show this emerging issue. One of them is u/ChickenYug where he made several posts (with video proof) about it since according to him something was off.

‘Warzone’s’ EBR blueprints

In one of the clips, he made a quick work of the three enemies from afar using an EBR blueprint that is believed to be the Line Breaker.

The follow-up post then showed a couple of classes with similar attachments, though the other one was built from the blueprint while the other does not. A “Warzone” player can clearly see the difference as he easily eliminated the enemies with the Line Breaker as compared to the EBR that doesn’t have it.

He also pointed out that both the Stiff Arm blueprint and the standard version of the weapon do not one-shot enemies to the head. This is quite interesting since (according to u/ChickenYug) it is the only blueprint that isn’t a one-shot kill that was given out for free, not to mention that it has the same rarity (purple) as the Line Breaker.

Player believes its pay-to-win

The “Warzone” player posted another clip that pretty much confirms what certain EBR blueprints can do.

In the 30-second clip, it shows him and his buddy running the test where the OP shot the other player in the head, yet his buddy was not eliminated by it. They then went inside a shack where another EBR is waiting that has a Line Breaker and did the same thing. It can be seen that the other player initially put on three armor plates before getting one-shot one killed by the OP.

This further strengthened his belief that it’s got pay-to-win mechanics painted all over it as he can be heard saying, “literally like I mean you can’t be more clearer than this.”

The said post has been getting quite some traction with almost 4,000 upvotes as of writing. The comments even revealed that there are top PC players who are now trying it on their livestreams.

Running the test in Custom

Another Reddit user – u/Yellowtoblerone claims to have also tested it himself, though his test was done in Custom. He got a different result, though, where he explained that “there seems to be no difference in damage in any of the blueprints and the stock” adding that all of the weapons performed consistently the same. That said, he speculated that the issue could be “Warzone” specific.

Now that this emerging issue in ‘CoD: Warzone’ has been brought to light, the community is hoping that it gets addressed soon by Infinity Ward. Otherwise, expect more players using this setup.