There are several ongoing bugs that have plagued “Call of Duty: Warzone” and these have caught the ire of its player base. A Double XP event was recently announced that will go live from April 3 through the sixth. Players have discovered, however, that their XP points are not adding up and there are even some of them who are not gaining any experience at all.

XP bug in ‘Warzone’

A lot of these XP bug issues have been brought up lately over on “Warzone’s” subreddit. Reddit user u/alp3n claims that albeit the fact that the double XP weekend is well underway, his “XP doesn’t double that much” and to make it worse, there are instances that the OP is not getting any XP at all.

The OP’s claim may well seem to be backed up by other “Warzone” players down in the comments as one of them stated that he’s not getting any XP nor weapon XP. Another player replied that the bug’s been annoying him for the past several matches and has gone on asking fellow players if there’s a workaround for the issue.

Devs respond

Warzone” developer, Infinity Ward, took notice of it and tweeted that the “issue is resolving.” They advised affected players to close and reopen the application. Despite the resolution provided by the game maker, it looks like the so-called XP bug is still evident to some players as some of them replied they’re still getting zero XP.

Back to Reddit, one “Warzone” player believes that both the game’s servers and programming “have caused a handful of players to receive the XP of others.” Hoping that this gets fixed since there are only a few days left before the Battle Pass ends, not to mention that there are players who are just a few levels short before maxing out.

Being worked on

Meanwhile, Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director of Multiplayer – Joe Cecot - revealed some of the fixes that will go live alongside in Season 3 of “Call of Duty Modern Warfare.” One of these fixes includes tuning for the shotgun slugs. This after someone over on Twitter asked him about an update with the shotgun slug spread to which Cecot confirmed.

Another ongoing issue that was also brought up was about the Ghost Bundle on Xbox as players on that platform are asking for an update about it. Cecot responded that the issue is now being worked on, though it’s not yet certain if the fix will be included in Season 3. For the uninitiated, Xbox One players who pre-purchased “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” Campaign Remastered are not seeing the said bundle in both “Warzone” and “Modern Warfare.”

Twitch streamer Dy5function also called the attention of Cecot about a bug involving the tactical grenade where it does not give players a hitmarker. Cecot tweeted that he hasn’t seen the issue before, but it’s pretty much expected that the devs are on it as well.