Video game releases are among the most popular forms of entertainment on a daily and yearly basis. Developers can announce a game years before it will actually come out. While game developers and publishers hope that every title they announce comes out as scheduled, no one can predict release date changes, whether it be postponed by the developer for more time, or in the case of the pandemic of COVID-19. One such release is The Last Of Us Part II for the Playstation 4. Initially, the developer of the game Naughty Dog delayed the game to May 29th, 2020 because of game bugs and to polish the game.

Now with all the world having to worry about the coronavirus, video game companies are following suit and delaying their product.

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that they were delaying the release of The Last Of Us Part II until further notice due to the coronavirus. The game is finished, but both Sony and Naughty Dog think it best to delay the game for logistics reasons. This makes sense since there will be four versions released for the game, standard, collectors, special, and elite, as well as a digital release for those that prefer that method of playing the game. Matthew Kato, a senior editor for Game Informer, discussed the delay, "The developer wants to make sure that everyone plays the game around the same time, but logistical problems caused by the current pandemic have prevented Naughty Dog and SIE from achieving that." While no reason was given, Kato thinks it is due to the coronavirus and the difficulty in coordinating the release of the game to retailers and the digital market.

Naughty Dog is hoping to give a release update soon.

Sony is issuing refunds for 'The Last Of Us Part II'

With the news of The Last Of Us Part II being indefinitely delayed for logistical reasons, gamers were expecting an answer for Naughty Dog and SIE. Sony, however, went a step further and announced that it will offer refunds for digital pre-orders of the game.

Jordan Oloman, a freelance writer for IGN, wrote that Sony made the announcement of the delay on the Sony support portal. Of particular note was the fact that the statement from the support portal says that players who pre-ordered the game digitally will be reimbursed, and those affected should receive an email from Sony that will detail the refund process.

Also, it is important to note that gamers who pre-ordered any physical copy of the game, cannot receive a refund since stores do not offer it. The coronavirus has caused game developers and publishers to delay the release of anticipated games, much like the coronavirus delayed the release of the most anticipated spring and summer movies into the fall.