The second season of "Fortnite Battle Royale" Chapter 2 is finally here after multiple delays! Even before the game's scheduled downtime was over, dataminers such as twitter user @HYPEX were able to extract and leak the new game files. Those leaks include new menus, skins, gliders, and more. Unsurprisingly, a lot of players are most interested in the map changes for this new season and what they could mean for the core gameplay.

Those players will not be disappointed, as developer Epic Games has added multiple new points of interest to virtually all corners of the "Fortnite" map.

In addition to new locations, some old ones have been altered as well. Some locations have already started speculations about new mechanics or modes of transportation, that are yet to be added or discovered.

Season 2 map changes

Starting off with two altered locations, the island in the center of the map is now host to a large base of some sort, presumably the center of operations for "The Agency". The most interesting addition to the map according to a large number of players is the helipad located on the east coast of the island. It's located in an underground cave full of water and is accessible through a hole in the ground above. Players are speculating that the addition of the helipad might mean helicopters are coming to the game.

In the southwest corner of the map, next to the Slurpy Swamp area, players can find a large oil rig just off the coast. The location is composed of two parts, one significantly larger than the other, and connected by a bridge. There is no doubt this was the oil rig referred to in one of the promotional posters hidden messages.

In the northwest corner of the map, players can find a new island whose most prominent feature is a giant shark head carved out of a rock. A sleek modern house is located right next to the shark, with beach umbrellas and chairs in the front. It might seem like an odd location to add, but it does seem like a secret agent would feel right at home here.

The northeast corner of the map has something new for the players as well. A new small island appeared relatively close to Steamy Stacks, as well as a very fancy yacht. It appears to be the same yacht from the "Fortnite" Battle Pass overview video, in which players are shown engaging in a fight on it. This is also possible in the actual game, as the yacht is indeed a place you can land on.

Player-driven map changes

The new season's name "Top Secret" seems very appropriate as the trailer shows two rival factions, Ghost and Shadow, seemingly engaging in some sort of spy war. There is no doubt "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer Epic Games carefully crafted and placed all these new locations to assist this narrative, but they have also hinted at the events of this season's limited time operations having a permanent impact on the map itself.