Season 2 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" Chapter 2 has introduced a lot of new content, including locations, skins, weapons, and gameplay mechanics. However, those were all expected, unlike the new and improved aim assist also included in the latest game update.

The topic of aim assist has always been a controversial one, especially in games that allow cross-play. "Fortnite" is no exception, as threads and forum posts against controller players and their alleged unfair advantages can be found all over the internet. Some controller players disagree with this idea, and altogether it's a battlefield of opposing opinions that only got more intense with the unexpected development in favor of controller players introduced Season 2.

Popular controller player speaks out

Many high level "Fortnite" players and streamers often voice their opinions on aim assist. One of the most well-known "Fortnite" players, Turner "Tfue" Tenney, is very vocal about the issue and expressed his rather strong opinion quite recently. He claimed that the game would become unplayable "within a year", mostly due to issues related to controller players.

The most recent instance of a popular player talking about aim assist pertains to popular player and streamer Chris "crr" Williams, who expressed his concern that it has become far too strong. He claims that after the latest update he was able to lock on to enemy players through walls of structures built by the players themselves, thus revealing their locations.

Later, he posted a tweet in which he explained a possible reason for this glitch. The cause appeared to be a glitched aim interaction with bushes in the game, which activated upon entering and exiting bush cover, but other controller players soon confirmed they could lock on to enemies behind walls in other circumstances as well.

The popular player also admitted to having intentions of using this new game mechanic in the upcoming qualifiers but was worried about how suspicious it would look.

Despite this potentially being of benefit to him, he called for developer Epic Games to address and fix the issue.

Epic Games addresses the issue

"Fortnite Battle Royale" developer, Epic Games, appears to be aware of the problem and, at this point, it's safe to say it was not an intentional update, at least not to this extent. Their community Trello board was updated with an issue titled "Reports of aim assist behaving inconsistently," therefore it's very likely that the glitch will be patched soon. The large number of players, including high-level ones, who voiced their discontent after the update only serves to confirm this.