The second season of "Fortnite Battle Royale's" Chapter 2 is approaching its end and players are looking forward to an event to mark the occasion. Considering the fact that the previous season, quite literally, ended with a bang, expectations for the upcoming event's scale are understandably high.

The developer, Epic Games, knows this and has placed promotional teaser posters in multiple locations around the world, with the first one appearing in São Paulo, Brazil. Most of these posters came with phone numbers attached, and those who decided to call received some cryptic information in the form of audio messages, with the rest of the community immediately jumping on the mystery.

The message content

One interesting thing to note about the audio files is that they seem to be referring to a few separate scenarios. For example, the messages found by calling the numbers found in San Francisco and Paris posters talk about purchasing a card for a certain safe, while other messages talk about some sort of recruitment drive. All poster locations and their related messages were compiled and posted by Twitter user FNLeaksAndInfo.

Some important hints mentioned in these messages include "explosive specialist," the aforementioned "safe" and "recruitment," as well as a "hiding place." These hints further relate to the upcoming season's already semi-established gold theme, potentially alluding to some sort of heist, while the 'oil rig' mention could be referring to another kind of gold.

Another gold-related teaser appeared in the official "Fortnite" Discord server in the form of a new mysterious user simply called "The Agency." This user's profile photo is a golden handprint resembling a gold version of the well-known mark of the Dark Brotherhood, which could imply a sinister nature of this "agency." This is all speculation of course, as it's too soon to be sure.

Chaos Agent might play a big role

Epic Games has released two new teasers on February 17 on its social media profiles. Both teasers have the "Transmission Intercepted" tagline and players are trying to figure out what it means exactly.

However, considering that the voice messages players have heard have transmission issues, there is no doubt that it's all connected. It appears that Chaos Agent's character is going to play a big role in the next season. The latest teaser posted by the "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer reveals the image of this character, which makes us believe that he will be included in a possible season-ending event. Furthermore, it seems that Epic Games is releasing teasers every two hours, so we may get another one soon!