The second season of "Fortnite Battle Royale's" Chapter 2 is generating more and more hype with every new teaser and theory that pops up, so it's safe to say expectations for developer Epic Games are running very high. While a large number of players are focused on dissecting every frame in the new teaser trailers, others are more worried about upcoming changes to the core gameplay.

There is no doubt "Fortnite" players will get to experience an interesting end of season event, but many are hoping for the new season to bring some cross-play changes as well.

A lot of PC players find the level of aim assist for controllers to be unfair, while some high-level players have even gone as far as claiming that playing with keyboard and mouse would no longer be possible in a matter of months.

Popular console streamer's opinion

Professional "Fortnite" console player and streamer Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff made his opinion about console aim assist very clear in one of his recent streams. In the clip, he explains that movement on PC is generally easier but that it can't compete with the snap to enemy players achieved by pressing the L2 trigger on controllers. NICKMERCS himself has also played on PC during a certain period, so he should have a good idea of how the game plays on both controller and keyboard and mouse.

While the snap-on function is very situational, it represents an example of an easily abused mechanic in a game that puts emphasis on individual player skill and aim. While a large number of "Fortnite" PC players understands the inherent differences of the two control schemes and have no problems with aim assist on its own, very few are left feeling good about losing a match to pure "L2 spam", as demonstrated by numerous threads and forum posts on the topic.

Some console players acknowledge this as an exploit that needs to be fixed, while others seem to think it doesn't do enough to close the gap between controller and keyboard and mouse users.

Console vs PC in gaming

The controller vs keyboard and mouse debate is as old as the systems themselves, and it seems to have no end in sight.

Some game developers deploy separate balance patches for different systems in an attempt to combat the differences between their peripherals. However, the discussion takes on a different form when platform cross-play gets involved.

The advantages are clear, being able to play with friends who own the game and play on a different system is always a good thing. The experience of players, unfortunately, sometimes suffers. It doesn't seem "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer Epic Games plans to address this issue or change anything about aim assist in the near future, but it's also possible they're doing it quietly to avoid premature reactions as well.