Season 10 of “Fortnite” is fast approaching and its player base is now musing what Epic Games has in store for them. However, one player is likely to miss out on all that fun once it officially drops due to his setup being totally wrecked by his stepdad.

PC setup got destroyed

A growing YouTuber and “Fortnite” player named 77 Bxrry (@Bxrry) tweeted a short clip showing his entire PC setup (worth $4,000 according to him) totally damaged. The player is in tears while recording his situation and even revealed that his stepdad had also allegedly beaten him.

He also uploaded a minute-long clip on his YouTube channel where he announced that his career as a content creator might be over since he doesn’t have the means to replace his broken PC. He went on to say that he spent five years of his life putting everything that he had to the platform adding he doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

Physical and mental abuse almost pushed him over the edge

Down in the description, Bxrry stated that he never talked about the mental and physical abuse allegedly being inflicted to him by his stepfather. The situation left him with no choice but to run away from home barefoot for fears that he might get beaten again senseless.

There was even a disturbing tweet that he posted a few days back stating that he’s on the verge of taking his own life.

Getting all the help he needs

The outpouring support from people who learned about what happened to him cheered the YouTuber up as he thanked the folks who subscribed to his YouTube channel (77k at the time of writing).

Bxrry also assured them that he’ll be releasing a video explaining his whole story adding that he just needs to get a confirmation of his future living conditions.

“Fortnite” YouTuber thatdenverguy was among the first to cover story and he is waiting for updates regarding Bxrry’s current status. He went 0n, advising other people who have the same situation as Bxrry’s to seek help.

A friend of Bxrry has recently organized a Gofundme page to help the YouTuber get back on his feet. The campaign is well on its way in meeting its goal and could exceed its target amount. He also mentioned his Streamlabs account as he warned about other people who are making fake donation pages that are profiting off of his recent misfortune.

Accusations that it was staged

Most of the comments on that page and on his other social media channels were filled with encouraging words and well wishes. There are a few, however, who are a bit skeptical about his situation as some of them pointed out that one of the PC monitors and the tower may well seem to be still working. There are some comments that went as far as accusing Bxrry of staging the entire thing.

In his response, he retweeted another clip showing his wrecked rig to prove that he’s not making it up.