There are numerous gaming moments out there where players gather up to help a fellow gamer in need. This is just one of those moments as a young “Fortnite” streamer is currently gaining popularity due to his efforts in saving his father’s life.

Twitch: 'zyltv' Creator code: 'Zyl-is-bad'

Fortnite” streamer named Zyl (Twitch: zyltv/creator code: Zyl-is-bad) is on a grind as of late as he is trying to raise funds for his dad’s medical expenses. He's battling cancer. According to YouTuber thatdenverguy, the kid’s been streaming for 10 hours a day, adding that his father has been fighting the dreaded disease for quite a while now.

The sad part is that the cancer has already spread throughout his body and the doctors already advised them that his chances of surviving his ongoing ordeal are slim, albeit the chemo sessions.

Despite the odds, Zyl continues to stream over on Twitch and has already expressed his appreciation for the “Fortnite” community. In his recent stream, he said that seeing his dad smile made him the happiest kid he's ever been. Teary-eyed, he added that it changed his mindset and went on saying that every bit, subscription, and donation meant a lot to him.

Be watching the 'Fortnite' World Cup Finals

There was even a part in Zyl’s stream where his dad showed up and reacted to the ton of support his son’s been getting right now.

He was unable to talk at first but eventually managed to detail what he’s been going through. Per Zyl’s dad, he was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer, adding that it gave him so much trouble. He further explained that there are times that he cannot walk and he has no choice but to lay down for days. Despite all the pain he’s enduring right now, he’s staying positive and still fighting the disease.

It can also be seen in the video that Zyl informed his dad that a couple of “Fortnite” players have pledged to fly them to New York City for the game’s World Cup Finals complete with hotel accommodation.

Denver’s video, on the other hand, revealed that “Fortnite” players Xxif and Ronaldo are the ones who’ll be paying for the father and son’s expenses for their New York trip.

For the uninitiated, the two were slapped with temporary bans during week 3 of the battle royale shooter’s Online Opens, after it was discovered that they were feeding kills during a match that ultimately cost them their qualifications. The YouTuber even made a sweet gesture at the beginning of his video advising his viewers not to use his code for the meantime. Instead, he asked them to use Zyl’s above-mentioned creator code to support the kid’s cause. Down in the comments, viewers were appreciative enough of Xxif and Ronaldo’s gesture of helping Zyl and his dad fly to New York.