Epic Games continues to roll out updates for “Fortnite” to maintain its dominance in the battle royale gaming scene. One of the most recent is the elimination goal of the Team Rumble limited time mode and players are wondering why. Also, dataminers are at it again as they’ve dug up the list of challenges for this season’s final week (Season 9 Week 10).

The developer took to Twitter to announce that the elimination goal of Team Rumble has been decreased from 150 down to just 100. Epic further explained that the move is to shorten the LTM’s match length.

Albeit the brief explanation, players are still musing why the game maker would resort to such a decision. According to Dexerto, this move could be due to the number of players who are leaving the match early on. The publication added that these players are just entering the game mode to finish up some challenges that they have yet to complete. Hence, chances of that happening during the match will be narrowed down.

Players are irked about it

Epic’s decision, however, is not that popular among the “Fortnite” BR community. Players want to keep its original elimination requirement, while there are some who want to have it increased. One of the players (@Bruceleewataahh) even tweeted out that the LTM is basically tailored to “players who are using the code for purposes of reaching level 100 or to get challenges done,” adding that these players are the ones who make complaints.

He went on, stating that the developer’s lack of research just made them gullible to think that their player base wants the elimination requirement to go down. Another player also pointed out that Epic should zero in instead on the root cause of the game tweak which is players leaving the match.

Season 9 Week 10 Challenges

Meanwhile, challenges for this season’s week 10 have been leaked by dataminers:

Free Pass challenges

  • Use the Air Strike item in different matches (3)
  • Search seven ammo boxes in a match (7)
  • Inflict damage to opponents using a shotgun (500)

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Players will have to visit various public service signages that are located in Pressure Plant, Mega Mall, or Neo Tilted. (5)
  • Staged Challenge
  • Collect wood from either a Pirate or Viking Ship (100)
  • Collect stone from either a Fork Knife or an Umbrella (100)
  • Collect metal from a Robot Factory (100)
  • Eliminate opponents in Paradise Palms or Pleasant Park (3)
  • Inflicting damage to opponents using a pickaxe (200)

Per Fortnite Insider, players who have completed any four challenges for this week will be rewarded with 10,000 XP.

Complete six of the challenges and it will unlock a new Fortbyte. A new loading screen will also be unlocked provided that players complete all of this week’s challenges and previous challenges.